Be able to communicate effectively and alleviate swallowing difficulties.
pleasant senior woman opening mouth and pronouncing words

Your condition may be hindering you from communicating effectively. However, it is not a limitation that you cannot overcome. By enlisting the help of our speech therapists, you will be able to get the treatment plan that you need to alleviate the effects of speech, language, or hearing impairment. They are also able to aid you in swallowing difficulties.

Our speech therapy services include the following:

  • Address Aphasia, Including Problems with Speaking, Understanding, Writing, Telling Time, and/or Using Numbers Due to Strokes, Tumors, or Brain Injury
  • Help to Improve Cognitive-Communications Disorders, Including Problems with Memory, Reasoning, Problem-Solving, and Attention
  • Work to Reduce Symptoms of Dysarthria
  • Improve Cognitive Function of Diseases of the Brain
  • Assess and Treat Dysphagia
  • Provide Rehabilitation Following Head and Neck Cancer

For more information about our speech-language pathology services, feel free to contact us today.